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The Times Ahead and the Transitions Needed

It goes without saying that the Covid outbreak has shaken the people of Earth to their roots. It has changed our lives in an unprecedented manner and has left us at the mercy of the changes around us. The outbreak has necessitated several structural changes in how the world functions. The manner of transmission of this disease has meant that social distancing has become a necessity. And when social distancing becomes a necessity, the existing system ceases to be functional and new measures have to be resorted to.

Law is at the foundation of the societal structure and relies heavily on social transactions. The difficulties such a pandemic could pose to an area like law is obvious. The court system in India, which is one of the largest and most complex in the world, has come to a standstill due to the need for social distancing. The challenging times have demanded an overthrow of the existing manner of functioning for a more viable form of functioning. This has led the legal fraternity to resort to the use of digital technology to ensure the optimal functioning of the legal system.

With the number of cases being reported on the rise and a vaccine yet to be developed, the signs are indicating a digital future. Digital technology has the power to bridge the gaps created by space and time, and is the best armour to defend ourselves from the challenges brought about by the pandemic. The application of digital technology in legal services can profit the world at large as the obstructions caused by the pandemic can be bypassed, without wasting our precious time waiting for it to die out.

Firms such as OnlineLegalIndia, LawDocs and others have come forward during the pandemic to provide legal services to the people through an online medium. This has ensured that persons seeking legal help do not have to physically contact the legal personnel for their legal help. These online law firms provide services ranging from drafting agreements to incorporating a business. They ensure that he adverse effects of the pandemic are felt to a minimum and quality legal assistance can be availed within the comforts of one’s home.

The pandemic has also provided everyone with a little extra free time as most of the work is being done remotely. Many are using this as an opportunity to fine tune their legal skills by enrolling in various training courses online. Websites such as LawSikho, WPractical, MyLaw and others have been providing impressive courses targeted mainly at lawyers, entrepreneurs and law students, where the emphasis is on the practical application of the material learned. Completion of such courses also bolster the prospect of recruitment by good employers.

The current state of affairs reaffirms that, although problems are part and parcel of the world we inhabit, the solutions to these problems are also right around the corner. It is only a matter of persistence. Digital technology has shown that there is a way around the challenges put forth by the pandemic. It is up to us to take it all the way.

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