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Ravana was the Chakravarti king of Lanka as described in epic Ramayana. He was greatest devotee of Lord Shiva. He was also a great king. People very often make fun of Ravana and the decisions made by him and they forget about the wisdom of this great man.

No one is flawless in this world. We should try to focus on the good things of a man. So, here are 5 remarkable points to learn from Mahabali Dashanan :

1. Ravana was a Brahmin and had very high knowledge of astrology. He knew Ram was avatar of Lord Vishnu and he will be the reason of his death. In spite of this, he fought to take the revenge of his sister Shuparnakha. Such a great brother he was.

2. Ravana knew how the war will end but even after this, he didn’t surrender himself and fought till his last breathe. This tells us how great warrior he was.

3. When Sita Mata was in his custody he could have forced her to marry him or could have killed her but Ravana didn’t even touch her. This shows the generosity of Dashanan.

4. In his last conversation with Lord Shiva, he admitted that he had been impious in his life. He said he was proud of his powers and now he will endure the punishment with the same pride with which he enjoyed his powers. This signifies ‘justice-loving’ nature of Ravana.

5. When Ravana was on deathbed, he enlightened Ram and Laxman with his 3 life lessons. First lesson was: when you decide to do something, do it immediately without delay. Second lesson: Never underestimate your enemy. Third lesson: Never tell anyone your secrets,even to your brother. These lessons by Ravana are still valid and tells us how visionary and brilliant man he was.

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