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Russia Developed world’s first corona vaccine – COVID – 19 vaccine

1. Russia Developed the world’s first corona vaccine.

2. Russia all set to launch ‘world’s first COVID-19 vaccine

3. Russia’s vaccine candidate is an adenovirus-based viral vector vaccine which is combined with the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to induce an immune response in the body.

4. The vaccine, developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute, received approval after less than two months of human testing in Russia.

5. Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that the country has made the ‘world’s first’ coronavirus vaccine which also received approval from Russia’s health ministry.

6. He also says that his own daughter is among those who were vaccinated against the virus.

7. Russia is the first country to register a coronavirus vaccine. Many scientists in the country and abroad have been sceptical, however, questioning the decision to register the vaccine before Phase 3 trials that normally last for months and involve thousands of people.

8. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that Russia has prepared the first vaccine for coronavirus. With this vaccine, a permanent immunity can be developed against the coronavirus. In a video conferencing, the President of Russia said that for the first time in the world, the coronavirus vaccine has been prepared this morning. He also said that this vaccine has been used on his daughter as well.

9. Putin further thanked everyone who worked on the vaccine’s development and described it as “a very important step for the world”. He hopes the country’s research body will soon start mass production of coronavirus vaccine.


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