Palghar Incident – An End To Humanity


India is considered as Sage’s country, in the Sanskrit language it is also called RISHI, is a Vedic term for an accomplished and enlightened person. Post – Vedic times of Hinduism regards the Rishis as the “Great Sadhus” or “ Sages” who after intense meditation realized the supreme truth and eternal knowledge.

Monier –Williams said, “a sage is the one who reaches beyond this mundane world by means of spiritual knowledge.” These peoples are the seers and sages, who realized the truth and have been helping the mortals get over difficulties and sufferings and secure more happiness and positivity, which is the birthright of every individual.

But the whole incident which took place at Palghar district was completely reverse. This incident happened despite the fact that whole country is under Lockdown since March 25 and that no person is allowed to be out of their house and everyone has been asked to follow social distancing which raises a huge suspicion on part of local police,”

When this entire incident took place police didn’t take any concrete step to guard these innocent men which might be proved by the very fact that they didn’t use any force to disperse the crowd and one of the videos even shows that one of the police officers actually pushed saints to the crowd when they were asking for the protection.

Palghar lies on the Western Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway within the busy Mumbai-Ahmadabad rail corridor. The town is situated about 87 kilometres north of Mumbai, about 35 kilometres north of Virar and about 24 kilometres west of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway at Manor. The whole incident took place in Gadchinchale village, located in Dahanu Taluka of the tribal-dominated Palghar district, which is 140 km North of Mumbai.

As there were rumours spread Over the past few days i.e. the local villagers had formed scourage groups that organ-harvesting gangs, child lifters and thieves were operating in these areas at night. The rumours had led to 2 cases of assault in nearby areas. As according to the news that on last Wednesday, local activist Dr Vishwas Valvi and his team were attacked once they had gone to the tribal-dominated Sarni village to provide provisions to tribals during the lockdown. A police contingent that was sent to rescue the team was also pelted with stones. The incident happened within the jurisdiction of the Kasa police headquarters under whose limits the lynching also happened. Ten days back a police team led by an Additional SP, which had ventured into the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, was also attacked by local villagers.

The nationwide know the sizeable massacre occurred on the night of April 16 when two ascetics, 70-year-old Mahant Kalpavruksha Giri and 35- year-old Sushilgiri Maharaj, who stayed in an ashram in Kandivali, decided to travel to Surat to attend a funeral. The two soon after hired a car which is to be driven by Nilesh Yelgade (30) to travel from Kandivali till Surat. In an attempt to avoid being stopped on their journey, the three appeared to have taken the back roads of Palghar district to enter Gujarat rather than use the Mumbai-Gujarat highway. The three were, however, stopped by a sentry of the forest department on the brink of Gadchinchle village. While they were speaking with the sentry, the three were accosted by a vigilante group and assaulted.

Even as the group was being attacked, phone calls were made to the Kasa Police Station which was located 35 Kms away from the place where the shameful chagrin incident took place and as stated by the news a team of four police officers is said to have reached the spot and tried to pacify the mob. By then the mob had overturned the car during which the three were travelling and even threatened the policemen. Videos, shot by bystanders, show the three men cowering in the overturned car, which was being pelted with stones, wooden logs and axes.

Followed by another police contingent The 12 policemen managed to rescue the three men and made them sit in two separate police vehicles. “However, the frenzied mob of around 400 people attacked the police vehicles. The mob managed to tug out the three from the police vehicle and that they were subsequently lynched.

In particular clip which went on viral in which the 70-year-old Mahant Kalpavruksha Giri was seen begging from the policeman to save his life from the aggressors and escorting him to the vehicle so that he can save his life from the assailants. But as seen in a video he took no shrill subsequently pushes him away. The victim is then attacked by the number of lathi-wielding cops. He lost his life along with the novice 35-year-old Sushil Giri Maharaj and the driver Nilesh Yelgade.

But what particularly intrigues is the fact that why the policemen there could not protect these unarmed victims and, instead, let them go beaten mercilessly to death by just simply watching the barbarous murder of those who have no direct concerns with the mundane world. Earlier though they were said to be wrongly identified as the child lifter’s gang-men and hence killed in suspicion, but now their identity is clear and that justifies the reason to condemn the murder by all political leaders and their parties in a united voice, reflecting unanimity and underscoring the gravity of the issue, but that is not happening.

“I am not helpless, nor I’m weak;

I’m drenched devotion; and this is often my version of peace!”

The Hindu monks are a spiritual ascetic, mendicant or saint in Hinduism and Jainism. Who keenly follows the trail of spiritual discipline is killed so brutally that very people around the world are shocked by such.

As we all know that Bharat continues to be a land of truthful sages, seers and other such hermits of various religious schools, sub-schools and their sects, sub-sects, etc., who by their very nature remain confined to sacred rites and other religious activities which inevitably results in peace, prosperity, and welfare of the whole humanity. it’s only thanks to these truthful saints and seers that ancient Bharat rose to the top of philosophical and metaphysical heights and was considered to be the distinguished spiritual teacher or Adhyatamic Guru within the world. Though there could also be few black sheep among them, then that’s a standard feature altogether walks of life throughout the entire world. Does that grant one a right to kill a sadhu?

The brutal killing by local criminals within the very presence of policemen shows the extent of utter lawlessness and police apathy, besides booming morale of criminal-politician nexus within the state. While the so-deceased sadhus met their gory end en-route to attend the funeral of their Guruji in Gujarat, the macabre incident has obviously stirred the nation’s conscience, where even sadhus aren’t safe.

Above all, we the people of Bharat must rise above narrow and divisive politics of caste, creed, religion, region, language etc, and instead, stand united to collectively face the mounting Covid-19 menace and other grave challenges within the country. this might happen as nothing is beyond human endeavour in such a pandemic situation because the world already is at stake.

Thus I want to conclude by saying that India which is regarded as Saints country there as such thing happened on which everyone was speechless whether it’s been a normal human being, any political parties, cops or anyone. One can’t rely on the video too which went viral nor on the people what they talk. The real incident can only be known by listening from the people who were actually present. Many different types of question aroused after this incident but the thing is everyone has their own way of seeing things as now can only be relied on the judgments which hon,ble judges will declare. People brutally killed those two saints and driver without any reason is their life was only a playing stuffs for those who did that.