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Madhya Pradesh Public Service-Guarantee Act 2010

The recently implemented Madhya Pradesh Public Services Guarantee Act/Lok Seva Adhiniyam, 2010 is first of its kind in India! No other state has come up with such a groundbreaking legislation to uproot corruption and facilitate Public services to common man. Shivraj Singh Chauhan led BJP government in M.P indeed deserves extolment.

The Public Service Guarantee Act provides:

The Act ensures delivery of time bound services to the public. If the officer responsible for the service fails to provide the service in time he will have to pay a fine. The following are the services guaranteed under the Act:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Tap water supply connection
  • Khasra copies
  • Death Certificate

The Procedure under the Public Service Guarantee Act:

  • The applicant shall receive a receipt when he or she submits an application to the officer for desired service. The time begins from the date of submission which is mentioned the receipt.
  • There is a fixed time for every officer to keep a file with him. If the officer in charge fails to provide the service in time the applicant can approach the first and second appellate officers. They would instruct the officer concerned to provide the service.
  • In case of delay, the officer in charge will have to pay a fine to the tune of Rs. 250 per day, maximum of Rs. 5,000.
  • The Appellate officer can also be penalized if he fails to ensure the delivery of service. He shall be fined to the tune of Rs. 500 per day, maximum of Rs. 5,000 if he is unable to give any valid reason for non delivery of services.

The Act will be instrumental in curbing corruption on the lower levels bureaucracy. If implemented in good order the Public Service Guarantee Act, 2010 shall make Madhya Pradesh a model state in terms of rendition of public services.

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