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List Of Best Law Books For Law Students And Lawyers.

Finding best books for specific profession or course is a hard work. Because without reading books we can not understand which books are perfect for us but if you can go trough reading these books you will defiantly get which books are very useful and best for your course. Saying this that this book is better than that one is not a good way to calculate the important of books. In legal field finding Law Books for law student and lawyers is also a tough work.

But we have read some books and guide so we say these books you will also like for your law study and legal profession. We are giving some books list of best law books for lawyers and law student here. You can read these books to get better knowledge of law and legal field. the list of best law books are given blew.

List of some best law books for law students and lawyer –

1. 28 Missed Calls

28 Missed Calls’ by Avishek Pradhan. Image Via amazon

This is the first law book for law student and lawyers in our list ’28 Missed Calls’ recently written by Avishek Pradhan. Avishek is a Law Graduate from Siddhartha Law College in Dehradun whose passion for reading brought him out of the boring Court and into the challenging world of writing. He did his schooling from St. Joseph’s School, North Point, Darjeeling where he developed this best book for us.

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2. The Constitution of India

The Constitution of India By MP Jain Image Via LE

M P Jain Indian Constitutional Law is an best law book on Indian constitutional law. This book presently in its eighth edition, is a thematic presentation of the complex and multi-dimensional subject of Constitutional law in a lucid, comprehensive and systematic manner. The book contains in-depth insights that will benefit students, research scholars, lawyers, judges, legal academics, policy makers and interested citizens who look for the latest in constitutional jurisprudence. Give a good read to this books you will get everything about constitutional law.

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3. The Art of Legal Writing

The Art of Legal Writing By

The Art of Legal Writing: Practicing Lawyers to Successful Professionals discusses the interplay between the fundamentals and specific techniques of legal writing and editing. The book covers linguistic and stylistic tools of contract drafting, the art of written advocacy, and writing for businesses in the in-house practice. It also examines the role of technology in legal research and how it is disrupting the practice of law.

4. Neither Roses Nor Thorns

Neither Roses Nor Thorns By HR Khanna

This book is by HR Khanna, When Justice Khanna delivered his dissenting judgement in the famous Habeas Corpus case, the New York Times in an editorial wrote about him : “If India ever finds its way back to freedom and democracy that proud hallmark of its first 18 years, someone will surely erect a monument to justice H.R. Khanna of the Supreme Court.” In this forthright autobiography of his life, Justice Khanna lays bare the influences that shaped his life and made him the great man that he is. An outstanding judge and jurist, an undaunted man of conviction and independent views, Justice Khanna’s life is one for every Indian to emulate today, and his autobiography for every Indian to read.

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5. Legal Eagles: Stories of the Top Seven Indian Lawyers

Legal Eagles: Stories of the Top Seven Indian Lawyers By Indu Bhan

This book is very best for lawyer and law students Indian judicial system has garnered worldwide fame through its historical and remarkable judgements and the hard work of its judges and lawyers rarely catches the glaze of common public. Legal Eagle tries to bridge this gap. Indu Bhan’s ‘Legal Eagles: Stories of top seven Indian lawyers’ traces the story of the top seven lawyers in India. Give a worth read to this great book.

6. Nani Palkhivala – A court room genius

Nani Palkhivala The Courtroom Genius By Soli J Sorabjee & Arvind P Datar

This is a very best book for every law student and advocate give a read to book. This book is one of the best ones about Palkhivala. Read every argument you can find made by this man! Lastly, it also gives you the plaints and other documents filed by him.

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7. Roses in December – M.C. Chhagla

Roses in December – M.C. Chhagla

Another one of best book that will influence you. You can give a honest read to this book, this is very inspiring book.

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7. Before memory Fades -Fali Nariman

Before Memory Fades by Fali S. Nariman Image Vai Amazon

Before Memory Fades by Fali S. Nariman is a revelatory, comprehensive and perceptive autobiography, Autobiography of another brilliant lawyer. Inspiring and very best for lawyer must read this book once in your carrier you will be inspire with this book. One of the best book for law students and laawyers. The book gives you not just an insight of the life of Mr. Nariman but also the history of various events which dazed our Country and its citizens. Mr. Nariman has been extremely objective and candid about his connexion with UCC on the Bhopal tragedy. His assessment of various eminent lawyers including his senior Mr. Kanga gives us a vivid picture of how the practice was during his time.

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8. My Life – Law and other things

My Life – Law and other things By Motilal C Setalvad

Give a good read to this book this book is autobiography and story of Mr. Setalvad`s professional and public life. This story, as also the descriptions of judges, lawyers and public men will interest the general reader as well as the lawyer. Readers interested in Constitutional law will find the book particularly interesting. read this best book of the author.

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9. My Own Boswell

My Own Boswell By M Hidayatullah

The of the best book in our list, One finishes reading this book with a desire to read it again and anxiously waiting for the second volume which will appear after the assignments that came subsequently are completed.” -The Madhya Pradesh Chronicle “The book grips interest from the beginning to the end. It is a model of writing, moderate but courageous, wide but pithy, instructive but never dull and above all fully human and natural.”

10. Experiments in Advocacy (A Colossus in the Courts of justice)

Experiments in Advocacy (A Colossus in the Courts of justice)

Experiments in Advocacy is a compilation of articles written by Dr. Kailas Nath Katju about his long and distinguished career in the legal profession, an example of hard toil against adverse circumstances, which he conquered with indomitable determination and moral strength. An eloquent speaker, he was capable of giving to the cases he argued such twists and turns that made him famous as a “case winner”.

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Above given list of best books for law student and lawyer is very small as compare to this profession because law is very wide. And understanding law in some books is not easy but giving a good read to these books will be worth in your carrier. If you found above given list of best law books for lawyers and law students give us a good supporting comment it will increase our moral to write such type of content.

If you want to mention any book in to this list you can comment the name and author name of best book of your choice.

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