Law Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ)


Law Multiple Choice Question for LL.B, PCSJ, CLAT, AIBE

Welcome to the law quiz and multiple-choice question world. Here you will get complete MCQ on all law subjects like IPC, CrPC, CPC, Constitution Of India, Law Of Torts, Law Of Contracts, Law Of Evidence and all major subjects of Law. These multiple choice questions (MCQ) will help you in your LL.B exams as well as in your Judiciary Exam Preparation. If you are a UPSC aspirant and looking for a Law Optional Mock test then your search ends here. We are going to share all law subject’s multiple-choice questions (MCQ) here, You can choose law MCQ from blew given list,

Complete Law Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) List

Indian Penal Code 1860 MCQMotor Vehicles Act MCQ
Law Of Evidence MCQIndian Partnership Act MCQ
Constitutional Law MCQSales of Goods Act MCQ
Civil Procedure Code MCQNegotiable Instrument Act MCQ
Criminal Procedure Code MCQAdvocates Act MCQ
Law Of Torts MCQConsumer Protection Act MCQ
Law Of Contract MCQRight to Information Act MCQ
Transfer Of Property Act MCQJurisprudence MCQ
Cyber Law MCQSpecific Relief Act MCQ
Hindu Law MCQLimitation Act MCQ
Muslim Law MCQCompany Law MCQ
Legal Current Affairs MCQSpecial Marriage Act MCQ
Basic Legal MCQWakf Act MCQ
Quick Legal Knowledge Test MCQHindu Marriage Act MCQ
Advocates Act MCQLegal Maxim MCQ
Complete List Of Law Subjects MCQs

How to Solve Above Given Law Subjects MCQs

  • Select law subjects from the above-given list
  • Then select the topic and part of law subjects
  • Select the right answer from the given answer
  • After completing all MCQs of every subject you will get a 250-question quiz for your self-test, by attempting this quiz you will easily understand how much you learned from MCQs.

Who can attempt these quizzes?

These MCQs are very important for LLB Students and Judiciary preparation as well as for CLAT and all legal exams preparation, if you are a UPSC aspirant and looking for Law Optional mock test then it will be a great option for you.

Are these MCQs paid?

No, These MCQs question free for everyone no need to pay any fee for these quizzes.

Who created these MCQs?

These MCQs are made by law professors and legal academies as well as judiciary aspirants who have given main exams. Some law quizzes are curated from law books and legal information websites.

How are these law MCQs important for law students?

By solving these law multiple-choice questions you will get complete information about law subjects and after solving MCQ you will get a Quiz to test your knowledge.