Is It Justified To Conduct An Election In A Pandemic


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Election In Pandemic

To understand whether conducting an election in a pandemic is Justifiable or not we have to understand the current situation of the country. While our country faces a big problem of Second-wave COVID- 19 it is not a good option to conduct the election in the current situation. As everyone knows in the elections the public gathering is a common factor at every place, in election time the election parties conduct rallies of a maximum number of people to ask for a vote and in India, it is very clear that how many people you gather in a rally will show how many votes you will get.  By this, you can understand that if the Government conducts an election in this pandemic period we are inviting COVID-19 to affect us more and more. 

Because coronavirus affects person to person as per the experts and if the government conducts elections it will not be a good decision because it will be very harmful to the general  people.

Why Election in Pandemic is Harmful 

Health and safety concerns remain a dominant factor in deciding whether or not elections should be conducted during the pandemic. It’s hard to say, given the number of factors involved. A few countries did see increased numbers of COVID-19 cases in the weeks after their elections. So we cannot say that in India the situation will be safer or harder than the current situation. As per the experts, advice corona spreads from person to person and any gathering will be harmful to the country that is why the government of India enforce night curfew in many States of the country to break the chain of corona spread. 

Solution For Election In Pandemic

The government is going to conduct the election whether it is not a safe option for the country, But if we take major health steps by minimizing personal contact, reduce crowds, and limit common access to high-touch surfaces or conducting the online election and election via postal letter it may be a good option but as you know our country is not ready for all of these steps so this will not work for our country.


The question that Is It Justified To Conduct An Election In A Pandemic is a big problem in front of our country, looking at the current situation it is very harmful to conduct elections in a pandemic but if the government didn’t conduct an election it will have a bad impact on our government. Because without election it is not possible to maintain a government that people trust. But in my opinion, it will not be good and in favour of the country if the government conducts an election during this pandemic.