Updated: Jul 4, 2020


Journalism and Media are called as the fourth pillar of the Democracy. Media establish the connection between the government and the citizens of a country. Media is actually the voice of the voters. In our country, there are dozens of journalists and news channels whose job is to provide all the necessary info’s and the policies of government as well.

The problem arises when the media forget its real job and starts praising the government all the time. This is what’s happening in today’s India. The news channels are just distracting the viewers and the worst part is that most of people doesn’t know that. They don’t show what is exactly happening with the country, the economy, the poverty and the real issues of our country, but it their debates they just pick topics which aren’t even beneficial for us. For example, in last 200+ debates of major Hindi news channels( Zee news, Aajtak, News18 and India TV), in 79 debates the topic was Pakistan, in 66 debates they were attacking Opposition Parties, in 36 debates they praised RELIGION GROUPS and Amit Shah, in 14 debates the topic was RELIGION ISSUE and no debate about Economy, PMC bank scam, Education, Unemployment, Healthcare, Farmer’s Distress, Women Safety, Questening the Govt. Policies and many other important topics which are ‘actually’ important for us to know.(source-OfficialPeeingHuman)

So it’s clear that according to Indian news channels ‘Pakistan’ and ‘Religion’ is far more important than issues like Education and Women Safety. Media’s first and the foremost work is to question the govt. about its policies and not to become a puppet of govt. We, the citizens of India, are equally responsible as we just accept what these journalists and media tells us without even trying to gather the actual facts. In year 2019, India was at 140th rank in World Press Freedom. This clearly tells us how the media is biased and how less freedom it has to question the Government.