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E-Parking System For Smart Cities

The rapid urbanization of the world has made the perception of “smart cities” gain momentum in the global agenda. The change of cities into smart cities brings along an unbelievable occasion for improving citizens welfare and nurturing economic progress. The vision to be a smart city has for eternity been a deliberation to all the urban cities. Since a couple of years, projects were in use and thoughts were engaged in many countries to make it into authenticity.

Internet of Things stands out to be the obligatory technology implemented along with Cloud Computing. To be a smart city, Smart Parking facility is a crucial service. Preceding technologies were oppressed which proved to be either not efficient or too expensive. The sensors used to notice the vehicle are the essential mechanism.

Here, we have engaged Raspberry-pi which seemed to be cost efficient with easy setting up and preservation. In future we would develop application for iOS and also with virtual reality and test its workability in a real time atmosphere. We deduce that our future work would make possible parking issues and decline traffic congestion and pollution fashioned by the search for parking.

The components worn for implementation of system afford efficient output at a variety of stages of execution. Interfaces recognized between various mechanisms provide an effective announcement across overall functioning of system. Thus, system implementation is well-organized and not compulsory for profitable implementation. In future, certain changes can be included as per necessities of organizations implementing system. Search of free parking slots can be enhanced using Binary / Hash Search.

System is extensive to multi-level, multiple parking areas by making potential changes in hardware group. SMS sent during Android Application can be made safe and sound by applying encryption algorithms. For refuge purpose, Login facility can be provided to users. Along with car number plate recognition facial recognition can also be implemented. And a GPS could be used for instantaneous tracking of available parking area near and the parking position.

Benefit of E-Parking:

1. Organised parking system- E-Parking system there will be an organised way of parking vehicles which will help to save space also.

2. Reduce traffic- Traffic flow is increasing rapidly in smart cities and it’s also reason is the parking system of the vehicle in India.

3. Reduced pollution- Searching for parking burns around one million barrels of oil a day. An organised solution of parking will reduce driving time and it save the time and environment too.

4. Safe Records- E-Parking gives you an electronic records which is very beneficial to keep it with you as an evidence.

5. Save time- Due to unorganized parking driver spend an average of 17 hours a year searching for parking spots and therefore delayed at work , so if there will be an E-Parking system in smart cities people can save there precious time.

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