This sentence is not only a dialogue of film but also exposes the bad reality of various societies. Domestic Violence is present in almost every society in the world.

What is domestic violence ?
Any act which is unbearable to the health ,safety ,life’s distress, Financial loss and such damage to a woman and child (child and girl under the age of 18 ) and which causes the woman and child to suffer grief and included in the scope of domestic violence.

Current perspective:

Today, even though the world has reached the pinnacle of progress in all fields , women have been lagging far behind in equality and security. This is confirmed by increasing crime and domestic Violence against women’s in the world.

According to a report released by the WHO – every day 1 in 3 woman in the world are Victims of some kind of Physical or sexual Violence has been perpetrated on woman by their intimate Friend ,life Partner or unknown person. Recent Kajol’s Short Film “DEVI” on YouTube reveals the magnitude of this situation in the global Scenario. Globally are murdered by their intimate partner .In country like India the Situation is worse because Southeast Asia region the number of Violence against women by intimate Partner is the highest in the world with 37.7%!

According to data released by WHO ,the state of Violence is 23.2% in the high-income countries ,24.6% in the World Health Organization’s member states of the Eastern Mediterranean region ,while in the Western pacific region of the World Health Organisation this Figure is up to 37%.

• Just a few days ago the Secretary General of the UN told that the house itself is becoming dangerous for woman in Lockdown is big. The same thing has been said by the woman’s commission of India that at present the crime of domestic Violence has increased in India too.

• On 25 November 2018, On the occasion of International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against women ,the UNODC [United Nations Office On Drugs and Crime ] release a report that according to woman the house considered to be the safest for woman is the most Vulnerable.

• In the year 2017, 87000 women were murdered out of which around 50,000(58%) woman were murdered by their partner or family members. This Figure shows that about 6 woman were murdered every hour by their acquaintances.

• According to this study – the global rate of murder of woman by partner or family member was 1.3 per 100000 female population . Such regions are Africa and the Americas based on geographical distribution . Where the risk of woman being killed by a partner or family member is highest. The rate of Victimized woman was 3.1per 100,000 female population in Africa. While the rate was 1.6 in the US ,1.3 in Oceania and 0.9 % in Asia. This study shows that despite laws and Program designed to end Violence against woman , there has been no real progress in Protecting woman from Partner/family members. At the same time 26 cases related to female crime are registered in India every hour. In the last ten years 909713 cases were registered under section 498’A’ of IPC. In the last few years, there has been a 34% increase in female crime.

We can say that “In the Mahabharata only one Draopati was crying but today Millions of Draopatiya are crying all over the world”..

The main reason for domestic Violence towards women is the foolish mentality that women are Physically and emotionally Weaker than men ect. For example about 47% of man in the world think that killing/beating woman is Judicial. In the present reason is seen the restrictions on the movement due to the epidemic have increased the economic and social tension which has increased the domestic Violence – according to UN !

Solutions and Legislation:

According to the researchers – it is important to not that all victims of domestic Violence are aggressive .we can get out of mental disorder from domestic Violence by Providing them a better environment.

According to me – Instead of “keeping men against woman ” , men should be made part of this problem ,that is it should be solved not by making a woman vs man struggle but with the cooperation of man and woman. The feeling of masculinity should be promoted in healthy ways !

• “Vogue India” had launched a ‘boys don’t cry’ campaign to spread awareness about violence against women while the global human rights Organization “Breakthrough” has launched a ‘play the bell’ campaign against domestic Violence.

The Following laws and schemes have been Formulated by the Government of India to prevent domestic Violence Against women.

•The prohibition of woman Act 1986

•the Domestic Violence Act was introduced in 2005 and enacted on 26 October 2006

•The ministry of woman and child Development has Launched Schemes like “One Stop Centre” at present under the National legal service Authority 1995.!

The Conclusion:
As Mahatma Gandhi said “A woman who has suffered with sacrifice , humility, devotion ,prudence and willingness can never be immortal” In the changing times woman have established times ,woman have established themselves outside of their initial domestic roles in educational social , political , economic, managerial , roles etc. Which not only challenges the pietistic ideology but also represents parties such as equality , respect, responsibility and partnership is. In ancient Indian society the woman was worthy of respect from all angles , social, religious , and cultural ! Therefore , there is a need to consider all aspects of woman at present so as to ensure a safe ,civilized and Violent Society for the generation.! It is said in the ancient book ‘Manusmriti’ of India.

“यंत्र नार्यसतु पूज्यंते तंत्र रमंत देवता ” !