While we are living In a digital world everything is running digitally no matter it’s entertainment or our study. There are many useful websites for all type of education. Today we are talking about best law websites for lawyers and law students in India. Some useful websites for Law students are given blew these sites can be your guide and your professor in your legal education and making your career bright in law.

1. Legal Bites

Legal bites is the best website for law students you will find all major subjects law notes on Legal Bites. On Legal Bites, you will find all study material easily the produce Notes and Study Material for LLB, LLM, Judiciary and Entrance Exams.

2. iPleaders

iPleaders is a leading website in India for Legal Professionals and Law Students. They give you opportunities to show your legal writing and legal knowledge on their website. You can request them to publish your article on their blog.

3. Writing Law

Writing Law is one of the best website which is used by me more than other sites. This website is run by an honest person he is dedicated to providing perfect study material for your legal education. Go and visit his website. Everything is made beautifully by writing law. This site can be your legal education master in this digital era.

4. LiveLaw

Live law is the top site in its category in the world. Live Law is the best platform for all Law professionals and law students. Live Law provides legal news and Events. Live Law covers Latest Legal News, Supreme Court News, News on Law, Law School News, Legal Events, Columns on Law, Legal etc.

5. PathLegal

PathLegal is a lawyers directory from India. It would also provide online legal advice, phone consulting, free legal advice in India, free LPO training, legal documents, free legal case management tool and many other legal software. PathLegal has published a detailed online LPO training material for free. Law students can grab the LPO knowledge along with their law curriculum. PathLegal WebApp enhances a lawyer/law firm to have digital interaction with clients and maintain them.

6. Lawctopus

Lawctopus is a events and internship providers platform on Lawctopus you can find huge opportunities for law students in India. In this website you can find internships, things to do, career advice, blogs, it is a very useful site for law students.

7. Bar and Bench

Bar & Bench is India’s best platform for legal news. On this website, you can read the latest legal news and interviews on Indian law firms, law schools, etc.

8. Manupatra

Manupatra, a legal database, has enormous legal material of Indian as well as overseas countries. Manupatra Law Products and Legal Products include Law Journal, Legal CD, Law CD, Legal CDs, Law CDs, Legal Ezine, Law Ezine, Legal Ezines, Law Ezines, Law Book, Legal Books, Law Books, Legal Books, Law Journal, Law Journals, Legal Journals, Online Database, Legal Journal, Print Products, Prints, etc.


Indian Kanoon breaking law documents into smallest possible clause and by integrating law/statutes with court judgments. A tight integration of court judgments with laws and with themselves allows automatic determination of the most relevant clauses and court judgments. This is helpful in your legal journey.

10. Legal500.com

The Legal 500 provides the complete worldwide coverage on recommended Law firms, Lawyers, Attorneys, Advocates, Solicitors, and Barristers. This site will help you to choose the law firm for your internship or practice.

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